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We have built a wall around us and we all are stuck in it.  It is stopping us from living the best life and doing the best in our professional life.  Who is responsible for it? Am I responsible or anybody from outside? what is this? Would you like to know and change this? If yes,  then most welcome to this special audio series for you. Remember - We can change ourselves only, not others..

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 “मैं लोगों को सफल नहीं बनाता; लेकिन मैं निश्चित रूप से उन्हें सफल होने के काबिल बनाता हूं” -  WELCOME to The WORLD OF CHANGE! 

With having more than 12 years of robust experience in Training and Development, Mr. Anand Devchakke is one of the well-known name in the industry.  With learning from his own experience, he is now on a mission to help people to change and achieve the SUCCESS in their personal and professional life through Courses/Sessions/Workshops/Coaching/Hand holdings/Webinars/personal guidance. 

His experience/learnings has helped him to authored two books in last 2 years to benefit others. First book “LIFE@360 Degree Change” is about small changes in life that one can make easily in order to make life STRESS FREE, more PRODUCTIVE and ENJOYABLE. His Second book “LIFE@Success” is about how one can achieve his or her MOST DESIRED LIFE GOAL with simple 09 steps with skills required.  First book, is helping to change and create foundation for Success and second book is helping to achieve the success and celebrate it.  Both books are available on leading platforms like Amazon and Flipkart.  

Anand has trained and inspired more than 7000 people to be highly successful in their field. Anand has delivered many skill building sessions for Students, New Entrepreneurs, Working Class etc. He is also associated with Speakin – Asia’s largest network of Speakers and Experts. Anand is highly Influential Speaker and a Soft Skills Developer. He helps especially sales people to improve their sales by presenting well through his workshops/courses/seminars/coaching/webinars/personal guidance etc.  He is Public Speaking and Communication Coach. 

Anand believes in and Working for - “People’s Success = Business Success” “Business Success = Nation's Success" 

You can reach to Anand on Mobile – 9822510641 or email  [email protected]. For any enquiry about seminar/workshop/guidance.

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