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Anand Devchakke

Having more than 12 years of experience in Training and Development

Mr. Anand Devchakke is well known name in this industry. He is a PRESENTATION COACH, Key Note Speaker and an Author. With his experience Anand helps many people to prepare a High Impact Presentation for Successful Close. In today’s competitive world 5 Skills are very important, and non-negotiable for survial and Success irrespective of academic excellence or Degrees – Presenting, Speaking, Communicating, Body Language and Time Management. In every area of our life and from Student to Businessman/Service class or Professionals everyone needs to improve on these skills to be successful and achieve the desired result. This can be done through Learning-Practicing- Improving-Changing (L.P.P.I.) process. In his journey of 12 years he delivered (online/ofline) high impact speeches, conducted high impact seminars of more than 400 participatns, trainings and helped 5000+ professionals or dictributors to specially in Financial Services industry to learn and improve on these skills and achieve Success or desired result GUARANTEED!

He prepared and delivered some high impact modules specially during the covid 19 for Life Insurance distributors to helped them in proper selling and success in this industry. Such as 7 Point Someone, 5 ways to get Yes from the client, 7 secrets of Solid Business Success, The Art of Presenting, Handling the Objections etc. This has helped many distributors, employees and managers to improvise on these critical skills and get the successful results. Some of feedbacks

Anand is also a part of Speakin Network– Speakin is Asia’s largest network of Experts, Industry Thought Leaders and Speakers with having network of more than 18000+... 

Helping others to improve and succeed in their life is Anand’s Motto. He believes in concept of an Amazing Life with Success, Money, Fun and Happiness. In this endeavour he authored 2 books that are helping people to change life and achieve success. First book “LIFE@360 Degree Change” is about small changes in life that one can make easily in order to make life STRESS FREE, more PRODUCTIVE and ENJOYABLE. His Second book “LIFE@Success” is about how one can achive his or her MOST DESIRED LIFE GOAL with simple 09 steps with skills required. First book, is helping to change and create foundation for Success and second book is helping to achieve the success and celebrate it. Both books are availiable on leading platforms like Amazon and Flipkart.

He works in the direction of “Will to Skill” - इच्छा से इच्छा पूर्ति तक...! It means we all have WILL to do something or achieve something BIG in our life but we need certains SKILLS also to make it reality. Success is a journey from Will to Skill - इच्छा से इच्छा पूर्ति तक… That’s what Anand is working on from more than 3 years. Helping people on major skills that are important for Survival and Success in Life. With this, he ensures that they move a step ahead in their Personal and Professional Life.


Speakin Expert

Inspiring Indians 2022

  • How to deliver a Powerful Speech and Presentation to make long lasting impact? 
  • How to conduct highly successful public seminars with 3C’s – Connect/Convince/Colaborate 
  • How to Communicate with magic of words? 
  • How to live with Stress in today’s time? 
  • How to make more sales with customer support? How to do TIME – MANAGEMENT for achievement of Goal?
Because of this Anand is also known as The CHANGE – MAKER.

Main Thought behind these activities is -

“People’s DEVELOPMENT = Business Success”
“Business SUCCESS = Nation’s Development”

Now, It’s a Great opportunity to Listen, Learn, Implimate and Develop from anywhere and anytime with Anand D. on online platform also – Yes, with Anand’s expertise, knowledge and series of life changing - digital courses you can also TRANFORM your life.

You can reach to Anand on Mobile – 9822510641 or email – [email protected].

For any commercial enquiry about seminar/workshop/guidence etc.

Remember – “I DON’T MAKE PEOPLE SUCCESSFUL; BUT I DEFINETLY MAKE AND HELP THEM TO BE CAPABLE OF BEING SUCCESSFUL” “मैं लोगोों को सफल नह ों बनाता; लेककन मैं कनकित रूप से उन्हें सफल होने के काकबल बनाता हों”


it is a GREAT beginning and Long Term Partnership between Anand and You for better, prosperous and an amazing LIFE. It’s going to be exciting journey. Keep in touch...

Have a Victorious Life!!

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